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Live Streaming

In the past few years, live streaming has become a popular feature in several apps. In simple words, live streaming the ability of technology to create, watch and share videos in real-time with the help of the Internet. The advantage of using live streaming in your virtual or hybrid events is you give access to watch the live telecast of your show to the virtual audience in real-time.

Live streaming your virtual or hybrid events is one of the best ways to enhance engagement and build an audience across the globe. It not only opens endless opportunities for businesses but has also proven to be cost-effective and eco-friendly.

We at VouchPro provide customizable live streaming services for all your events. Our solutions are highly tailored as per your business needs using the latest technologies and brand promotion strategies. Majorly there are three ways that businesses usually prefer to reach audiences in remote locations:

1. Real-Time Live Streaming:
During real-time live streaming, the audience can engage and interact during the event by asking questions or sharing their ideas and opinions.

2. Live Streaming With Latency:
During this type of live streaming, the video is delayed by a few minutes. This gives some time to censor the content if needed. This type of live streaming can also be interactive.

3. Record The Stream for later:
In this option, the host can record the event and make it available to the audience later on-demand.

Live Streaming Solutions Offered By VouchPro

We at VouchPro are dedicated to delivering you nothing but the best to make your virtual/hybrid event a success. Some of the live streaming solutions offered by us are:

  • On-Site managed live streaming
  • Virtual live streaming
  • Live or deferred streaming on various social media channels
  • Deferred streaming as live
Live Streaming Services Offered By VouchPro

Live streaming has become a preferred option for not just virtual and hybrids events but for several other small or big purposes as well. Some of the live streaming services offered by VouchPro are:

  • Employee communication
  • Medical conferences
  • Live surgery broadcast
  • Virtual product launch
  • Education and training
  • Investor relation conferences
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Sports event coverage
  • Spiritual and motivational seminars
  • Informative content delivery


Live streaming requires perfection in both production and delivery and we at VouchPro provide end-to-end live streaming solutions for all types of events. Live video can create a more personal connection between the presentation, the host and the audience, add the live streaming service to your virtual event and take it to a new height of success.